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I have always considered myself a “holistic” dog trainer, striving to get at the root of a problem; with an understanding that there was more going on then the outside symptoms of a “bad dog.” I always explore the emotional aspects with a detailed history and encourage each pet owner get a full write-up from their vet. Mind. Body. Soul.

I have gratefully worked with dogs for over a decade and not only was it a source of income for me, but a passion as well. Within that time I wrote three dog training books, met some very amazing people, and got to work with some pretty awesome dogs. Currently we are working on getting all my dog training content up on my website so you can easily enjoy my courses 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

I am now also coaching dog trainers. With 15 years of business, sales, and entrepreneur experience, I am helping them create a business that s/he has always wanted. I enjoy helping people and I would love to help you.

Michelle has changed my life. This statement is bold, but true. Her wisdom, intuition and ability to guide me in the right direction transformed who I am. Her knowledge and compassion can bring out anyone’s inner strength. Not only has she given me words of wisdom, but she’s also guided me back on my path in life. Through that, I’m healthier, find joy in creative hobbies I once left behind, have found success in my business & financial life and also cultivated meaningful friendships. Michelle, I can’t thank you enough for the impact you’ve had on my life.

Eleni, Austin Texas

Healing Roots

Michelle helped me realize that I needed to focus more on where my business was going, not just on the day-to-day tasks. She made a “big picture” list of things to focus on and it helped me so much! Michelle has been successful at so many things and she provided clarity much needed direction for me.


Carole, Dallas Texas

Carole's Pet Care Services

Michelle is phenomenal. Just a really solid person to know and work with. Always willing to listen, diligent, hardworking and on top of her game. Always smiling, connecting with people and generally enhancing the lives of others.


Mark, Austin Texas

Sunroom Apartment Hunter