I’m Michelle Huntting

I’m Michelle Huntting, a happy-go-lucky, self-proclaimed gypsy, a learner, major foodie, traveler, a forever knowledge-seeker and a proud mother of identical twin boys. When I’m at home you will typically find me reading or writing down my thoughts. I love to Salsa or any kind of dance. I’m not gonna lie, my life in Austin, Texas is pretty awesome. Life is beautiful but, boy, it is for sure full of curve balls. I have become better up at bat, but am always working on improving myself and my life skills.

My passion is to help others. For over a decade I helped people train their dogs. I worked hard to become the best in the dog training world. It was a great chapter for me to do one-on-one training and group classes. Now I am retired from the one-on-one sessions, but know that my books carry on my teachings and anyone looking for help will greatly benefit. I am now coaching entrepreneurs grow his/her business and over-all being a Light and encouragement in the world.

Imagine a world where we come together to empower one-another, we all face our fears, let go of our insecurities and become all that we can- how much we can rock out our own business and personal goals. Let’s do this together! Cheers to the best version of ourselves!

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