I’m Michelle Huntting

I’m Michelle Huntting, a happy-go-lucky, self-proclaimed gypsy, a learner, major foodie, traveler, a forever-knowledge-seeker and a proud mother of identical twin boys. When I’m at home you will typically find me reading or writing down my thoughts. I love to Salsa dance or any kind of dance.

For over a decade I professionally trained dogs and during that time earned two nationally recognized certifications. I worked hard to become the best in the dog training world. It was a great chapter for me. I am now retired from training, but my books carry on my teachings and we are also in the process of uploading my content for online courses! I continue to write and am venturing out to new genres.

I am working on two businesses that are a passion of mine as well. I look forward to sharing more information in the next few months. I also coach other dog trainers as well as women entrepreneurs to help them expand and grow their own business.

I appreciate your follows and support!


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