Dog Life Lesson: Relationships

This month I swear has been puppy month for me. Trust me, when I say this; there is proof. Nipping. Razor sharp teeth. I left sessions this week covered with scratches having helped demonstrate how to encourage a soft bite and redirect to the correct chew toys to...

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Dog "Trick or Treat" Tips

Such a fun time of year! Costumes are the name of the game and as much fun as we have, it is more than likely not the same for our dogs. This time, in fact, can be very stressful. Not all dogs enjoy costumes. Let's face it. Some of us don't enjoy dresses while others...

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Think about this for a moment. How comfortable are you when someone is in your "bubble?" You know, that invisible space around you that you consider your own. Some people consider their space needs wider than others, depending on their own comfort level. When I...

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Holistic Dog: Dog Stretches

Helping your dog stretch, or even massaging him isn't a luxury; there are actually many health benefits for him. For older dogs it can help with arthritis, with dogs that are sports driven will prevent injury, and for all dogs it will improve health. You can easily...

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Whistle Train Come

There are times when your dog may be too far away from you to hear the cue "come" or maybe it's just too difficult for you to yell and the whistle would be an easier tool. Here are some simple tips from my book, "Come, Boy!"

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Doggy DIY: Muffin Tin Puzzle Game

The muffin tin is an easy, cheap DIY puzzle toy for your dog. Puzzle toys are a great environmental enrichment for your dog as they provide mental exercise for him. To learn more about the importance of environmental enrichment CLICK HERE. What you will need: Muffin...

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Boy's Pick of the Week: Portable Pet Home

Some dogs really need an enclosed environment to feel safe and comfortable. I have one of those dogs. Her name is Belle. I don't talk a lot about Belle. Belle is more of the dog that's happy hiding under my bed and she only comes out to go potty, to eat, and for the...

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Kids and Dogs: Chase Game

I get many calls a week where the puppy, or even an older dog, thinks that the children are a toy and sometimes even start nipping! Here is a game to play that will help your dog learn appropriate interaction with the kids.

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Dog Life Lesson: In the Moment

I think that there are two core things that dogs were sent to teach us humans: heart centeredness - a simple four letter word- LOVE and to teach us to stay in the moment. I am not sure if it's just our  day and age or if it's something mankind has struggled with for...

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