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Train the Dog You've Always Wanted with Michelle


End Potty Accidents

Your carpet and your steamer will thank you


Calm & Zen

A dog that can think through his excitability or stress


Outdoor Focus

City living, parks, trails, backyard - finally keep your dog's focus


No More Leash Pulling

Take your dog around town with pride & confidence


Stop Jumping

Company can finally visit


Solid Commands

Imagine only having to give a command once and your dog responds

My mission with my books is to create a bridge of communication between pet guardians and their dog.

For 12 years I worked successfully with thousands of pets and owners. During that time I earned two nationally recognized certifications in professional dog training, had a popular podcasts interviewing international experts, scientists, dog trainers, nutritionists, etc to bring the most up-to-date information to pet guardians, and wrote three books. I worked with dogs in Iowa, North Carolina, and Texas. While in Dallas, I was named top five “Best of Dallas” two years in a row.

“Michelle Huntting, in my opinion, is one of the top trainers in the U.S. My wife and I have had the pleasure of dog training through her. Our dogs are wonderful. We continue to train and work with them. Thank you for everything.”

Robert S. Raeford, NC

“We have had so much success with our English Mastiff, Michelle is the best trainer. I would recommend her to EVERYONE.”

Crystal E. Raeford, NC

Michelle was great with our high energy Boykin spaniel, Abby. She showed us numerous ways to train our puppy to sit, stay, come and other.”

Joellen Allen, TX

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Written with my sons, Titus and Anthony!           

Carl the crab found himself in a predicament.
Thankfully his best friend, Hairy showed up
and was a good friend. Find out what happened
to Carl on the day he lost his glasses!                    

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