It was a typical work day for me. I was busy at work with back-to-back phone meetings all while I was trying to type up a proposal, and submit a first order to my back office before the close of the day. And my personal phone was blowing up while I was on my work mobile. Call, after call, after call. Finally I stopped what I was doing to pick up.

“This is Michelle.”
“Miss Huntting, this is Doctor (my son’s specialist) Soandso. We got your son’s test results back and you need to take him to the ER RIGHT NOW.”
“What?” I was so confused. I had taken my son in for a stomach issue and somehow a blood test was thrown on to other wheat testing.
“Yes, Miss Huntting, you need to take him to the ER. I am very concerned with how high his blood sugar count is.”
“What are you talking about?” Still confused. Blood sugar? Diabetes? We don’t have anyone in the family that has it.”

After a while I finally understood what he was saying, but still in complete shock. The rest of the 48 hours in the hospital and the rest of that week is still a blur. My son was in just as much shock and terror as I was. It was a whirlwind of pricks, prods, and people speaking Greek to us; we both cried together. Let’s add on top of this my son has Autism and is sensitive to lights, a lot of people, and being touched a lot by nurses and doctors.

“Carbs, Miss Huntting, you will need to count carbs.”  I had no idea what carbs even were, to be honest with you. I am a huge advocate for healthy whole food eating, but even our whole life was turned up side to learn the perfect carb combo and pairing with food. I am still learning, nearly a year later. For almost a year we’ve been on a roller coaster of a journey.

I have searched, in the little spare time that I have, for other mothers going though the same thing on Instragram, but didn’t see any ( I am also an geriatric Millennial, so that doens’t mean much), and also searched for people that were making school lunch box suggestions and still haven’t found any that are diabetic friendly. I plan to post pictures on Instagram of our lunch box packings because I have to assume there are other moms out there! If you have any suggestions, know of awesome parents rocking out this journey, or other comments please put them below. I would love to hear!

Strong together. x


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