The Zen Dog

The Zen Dog course helps solidify basic cues (or commands). In addition, The Zen Dog course works on impulse control, calming skills, and focus. This class will improve outdoor focus, better leash walking skills, and greeting people politely. Your dog will learnĀ over-all relaxation response and focus in daily life. This course helps eliminate jumping and yapping & barking, develops more control and focus on leash and outdoors, helps dogs maintain focus when other people and dogs are passing by on walks, and builds a strong bond and relationship. Other cues taught: strong cue of stay, down, leave it, go to mat, and go to kennel. Course is five weeks in length. Cost: $210


  • Eliminate jumping and yapping & barking
  • Develop more control and focus in/outdoors
  • Help dog maintain focus
  • Build a strong bond and relationship
  • Strengthen basic cues (commands)

Other online courses coming soon!

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